about Wind Power LAB

Wind Power LAB (WPL) are a Danish company, delivering automated products and services for the wind power industry, related to blade defect assessments and blade risk management. Their goal is to deliver the high quality, robust solutions for automated blade defect detection, repair recommendation and engineering advice.

WPL works alongside 60+ clients globally, across 6 continents. From wind farm owners and operators, to insurers, WPL offers support for all areas of the wind industry – reducing risk across the value-chain.

Access to blade expertise is crucial for any wind farm asset owner. In order to operate a wind farm effectively blade maintenance must be paramount. With our On-Demand Blade Expertise and Blade Diagnostics services you can expand your back-office with industry leading blade experts and best practice operator experience, when needed.

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(+45) 31 32 10 06


EU Headquarters:

St. Kongensgade 59D, 1st floor, 1264 Copenhagen K, Denmark

UK Headquarters:

100 Bishopsgate, 18-19th floor, EC2N 4AG, London, UK