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Wind Turbine maintenance

Maintenance & Repair Experts

Regular maintenance is key to optimising power generation from wind turbines. Without proactive blade maintenance, power generation can be reduced and damage can go unattended. If damage isn’t suitably repaired, the entire blade can fail and cause significant down-time.

GEV Group has extensive blade experience, successfully delivering turbine maintenance, servicing and blade repair projects worldwide. We are experts in working at height, and are able to deliver a range of ancillary and multi-scope services, both on and offshore utilizing a variety of access options.

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Blade Services

• Complex Blade Repairs
• Retrofit installations (such as vortex generators and other Aerodynamic Power Curve Upgrades)
• Lightning Strikes & Manufacturing Defects
• Routine Blade Repairs
• Leading Edge Proection (LEP) Installation
• LPS Testing & Repairs/Replacements
• QA/QA “Factory to Site” Damage Validation
• Platform Access
• Rope Access Capability
• OEM Certied & Experienced Crews
• Offshore Experience & Certified

Turbine Maintenance and Repairs

• Preventive Maintenance
• Torque and Tensioning
• Troubleshooting / Diagnostics
• Component exchanges
• Commissioning support
• Borescoping
• Troubleshooting
• Blade/ Tower Cleaning
• Structural Repairs
• Paint Inspection